Work with me to create a life of passion, purpose and freedom!

Are you interested in working with a team of positive, like-minded people who build each other up, work with each other’s strengths and talents and celebrate together individual achievements?
Well… come, join me and work with “my team”!

I will support, nurture and embrace each person who has a passion for learning, is keen to improve or share their health habits, loves (or is keen to know more about) essential oils and will “walk the talk” when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I want to see you “shine”!

I believe there is enough success in this world for everyone, so why not let yourself have the life you deserve? Live the life YOU want, achieve “life-balance”, have time and money and BE happy!

A beautiful friend introduced me to the concept of using essential oils on a daily basis to support my health and well-being at a time in my life where things were pretty tough. I was sceptical, as most of us are, as I didn’t understand how something that “smelled nice” could possibly help my health and current state of emotional and mental wellbeing. But, I tried it and gave it a go as I appreciated a natural, healthy alternative to support my depressive mood and debilitating anxiety attacks. I guess I’ve always had the opinion to try ‘natural’ remedies first, and if that doesn’t work or support me how I need, then I’d consider conventional means.

Long story, short… I tried a few oil samples my friend gave me, diffusing them mostly and after 3 days, I couldn’t believe the effect. Of course I questioned it, was it a coincidence? I considered other reasons to explain the result, but after a while I realised it was the oils! I was intrigued and had to know more! I read and read and read – for 3 weeks – the science, the scientific studies, the physiology and how it all worked. I loved learning about the chemistry behind it all and the chemical composition of the oils and how this affects the body. I was certainly impressed and the more I learned, the more I tried different oils for different reasons and once I experienced the results each and every time, I was sold! These little gifts of earth are absolute gems! So, my journey started. I couldn’t help but share about this. I told my friends, my family and pretty soon the interest in the oils and the results I was seeing for those I love blew me away! I was receiving testimonies at least 3 times a week from different people about how the oils had helped them in some way. I was so excited and happy for them, as some had suffered with long-term conditions, without much relief. It was so amazing! (Not that I had done anything, really, apart from simply sharing. “Sharing is caring” after all, right?)

So it grew from here. The results I received from others increased my confidence in the product and pretty soon I facilitated workshops – in my home, in friends and family’s homes and eventually organised community small events, information sessions and workshops. I started meeting so many amazing people and teamed up with some amazing ladies where we ran a variety of events – yoga and essential oils, raw cooking workshops, oil camps, how to detox naturally and safely, this list goes on!

But this is my area of strength. It doesn’t have to be yours. This journey is about finding your niche and embracing it! It can be as simple as starting with your “safe people” (those who love and care for you) in your own home, sharing your story about how the oils supported you, passing around the oils for people to smell and enjoy and reading off a prepared sheet of information –it’s all done for you! It’s really that simple! You are never alone in this, either. We support and help each other every step of the way and there is NEVER any pressure to SELL anything! Ever! We are about caring for the people, meeting them where they are at in their “health journey”, empowering them with choices and sharing the possibility of choosing essential oils as a natural, healthy way to support their health and well-being. (No one likes to be pressured into anything and nobody likes to be ‘sold’ to. This is not what this is about). Everyone starts small and with the right support, it builds from there!

I am creating a life of my dreams. One that allows a residual income, I’m not paid by “the hour”, I work the hours I want and I can prioritise my family and their needs. I can work from anywhere, anytime. I am creating “BALANCE” (Oh my gosh – how hard is this in the typical world of working set hours and juggling kids, sport and running a household!), freedom, purpose, a sense of belonging and connectedness and above all, I’m finally learning how to REST! Yes, I now have rest periods DURING my day! It’s so awesome! 🙂

I absolutely love how I am able to connect with people that I would have otherwise never met. I’m making a difference in people’s lives, and that feels great!

These essential oils are powerful, safe, natural, vegan, not tested on animals and offer a beautiful natural solution for preventative and proactive health care. These oils are my medicine cabinet and first aid kit (except for band-aids and cotton buds!)

This business is about loving what you do. As I said before, if “selling” is not your thing, then this may be perfect for you! If you care about others, their well-being and health, then this business IS perfect for you! Your job is about using your oils, LOVING your oils and simply sharing with others about how they’ve supported you. It is so easy to inspire others and watch their lives transpire as they too learn how powerful and effective these oils are!

This business is based on being authentic, real and down to earth. We are all human, who have human experiences. No one is above or below us. We are created to be with each other, to love and support each other in community and to share with one another the things dear to us – and this is exactly what this business is about and why I love it so much! I am so thankful that I can truly say “I love my job!”

So what do you need to do to build this business?

I think it goes without saying, you need to have a love for others and helping them.

You need to use and love your oils.

You need to be willing to share about your experiences when using the oils to support your health and well-being. For example, if a loved one has a headache and mentions they tried a certain product, but it just didn’t take the edge off the pain, and you recently used peppermint oil to support your headache and it worked for you, you’re going to share this with them aren’t you? You would say, “hey I tried peppermint oil on the back of my neck and on the temples the other day when I had a stinker of a headache. It really helped me. Would you be interested in trying it for yourself?” It’s really that simple. Being real, listening and willing to share information and perhaps even an oil sample would be great!

You will need to facilitate educational workshops or presentations. While this may be scary at first, you will be supported with this, until you feel ready to do it yourself. There are stepping stones we take to get you to this point. Starting with inviting some guests around and sitting in on your own workshop while it is facilitated by a team member is a great way to start – you will learn from them by listening and watching what they do. Workshops are easy as the material is provided for you – simply read off the sheet and pass around your oils as you’re talking about them. If you prefer sitting one-on-one with a friend to do this, then go for it! It really is up to you and where you want to start.

You need to be willing to follow up with each new member and take them through a “Wellness Consult”, ensuring they are feeling confident with how to use their oils effectively and safely.

You will then need to be willing to support your team. This evolves over time and at first this may not be something you feel ready to do, but it won’t take long to know what you need to know. There is plenty of support, personal and professional learning experiences, information and practical help. It’s like the ‘Pantene’ ad. “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!” Helping others in their journey when using the oils is so rewarding!

Why choose this business?

This particular business model is a multi level marketing (MLM) business, but it’s not like any you’ve heard of before! When I used to hear about MLM or types of network marketing businesses, I’d run the other way and bag it out, commenting on it being some stupid pyramid selling set-up. I was dead against that style of business and thought it was morally wrong. But this is different. It’s the business model of the 21 century and it is about education, sharing and empowering others. This network marketing business is certainly one of the future! The compensation plan is unreal and quite ethical, in my opinion. It rewards those who work hard, no matter what rank you become or how long you’ve been in the business. Everyone starts at the same level every month and people below you can out-rank you – definitely not the shape of any pyramid I know! People like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Bill Gates are publically proclaiming how brilliant this business model is! It has turned away from the “party plan” set-up we all know and is about the ‘people’ not the ‘product’, which I absolutely love! So we don’t do “parties”, we host workshops or presentations, complete with class outlines, handouts and an oil to sample. It really does provide an opportunity to connect with others, empower and educate! Everything can be done online (there’s a paper version for those who need it) and the products people buy are shipped straight to their door! No more hassles with collecting or chasing a payment, sorting orders at home and then using your precious time to deliver the ‘goodies’ yourself.

Why choose this? There are so many reasons… here’s a few!

This company values humanity!

Pure products – this company really does set the standard for the purity and potency. They offer the best oils on the planet!

Retention rates – 65% of those who use these products, keep using them! This is 6 times the industry average! This is wonderful news as there is definite potential to develop a sustainable business and create a long-term residual income.

Low monthly commitment – the only commitment required of you to qualify for commissions is a 100 points value (pv) order each month, starting in your second month.

So how do I get started?

It’s simple. Start by enrolling with your own wholesale membership account, so you can use and love your oils.
Simply pay a $35 membership fee and receive the ‘perks’ of the membership straight away, including 25% off products, your own personalised website and an online account to order anytime. Choose the products of your choice, add them to your cart and the products will be delivered to your door in 3-7 business days!
OR choose an enrolment kit (awesome value for money) and the $35 membership fee is waived – you still get all of the ‘perks’ mentioned above!
What are my options when considering an enrolment kit?

1. Click ‘JOIN & SAVE’ through my web store site.
2. Select your “preferred language” and “country of residence” (Yes, we can ship all over the world!).
3. Choose “local order”.
4. Select “wholesale price” to ensure you receive 25% off.
5. Complete the form with your personal details (no ABN needed at this stage).
7. Where it asks for “Enroller ID”, my number should already be there, but if not, please enter this number: 3563405
8. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
9. Click ‘Continue’.

You now have two choices:

10a. Select $35 membership fee and then shop for the oils and products of your choice, enjoying 25% off.
10b. Select an enrolment kit – if you choose this option, your $35 membership fee is waived!! These kits are amazing value – I highly recommend the “Home Essentials Kit’! It’s the best value for money, for sure!!
(Add a fractionated coconut oil and you have everything you need to get you started!)
11. Add any extra items to your cart as you wish, enjoying 25% off, despite which option you chose above (in step 10).
12. Enter your credit card details.
13. Finalise your order – check out!
14. Optional extra – It will ask if you would like to choose the ‘Loyal Rewards Program’. Click ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
(I would recommend clicking ‘no’ if you are not sure about what this is and I will happily discuss your options and opportunities, now that you have gained membership, during our Wellness Consult).
15. Your ‘goodies’ will be posted to your shipping address within 3-7 business days!
16. CELEBRATE – Yah!! You have taken the first step to create a life of abundance!

I will personally follow up with you once your membership has been received. This is just the beginning of a very real, yet exciting journey.

Thank you for joining me.