Chels’ Vegan (also GF) Pasta Sauce

I don’t generally eat a lot of pasta (gluten free) and if I did make a pasta dish for the fam, I make myself zucchini strips or spirals to have instead.
But every now and then, I don’t mind a good hearty bowl of GF corn/rice pasta. Trying to reduce ‘packet’ foods in my diet, I thought I’d make my own sauce. So I had a go at this
today and it turned out pretty well. I got the tick of approval from the fam-bam, so thought I’d share. 😜😉

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Chels' Vegan (also GF) Pasta Sauce
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
  1. Cook pasta according to packet directions
  2. Place first 4 ingredients into thermomix
  3. Speed 5, 3-5 secs
  4. Add next four ingredients to TM bowl
  5. Mix reverse speed 4, 3 secs
  6. Drain pasta, return pasta to empty pot on low heat
  7. Add pasta sauce from thermie into pot of pasta
  8. Stir to heat sauce through pasta
  9. Turn heat off
  10. Just before serving add 3 essential oils
  11. Stir through
  12. Serve in a bowl! Enjoy!!!!
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