Look after yourself, darling!

I’m feeling absolutely unstoppable today, which does surprise me really considering I was dog-tired Sunday & Monday. I actually felt like I was starting to come down with something, showing symptoms of a cold/runny nose. But of course we have to press on. So, since Monday I have invested extra time to look after myself – in addition to my usual self-care. I’ve been really looking after myself these past few days and listening to my body in the hope that I would NOT get sick….and here we are…..it’s Thursday and I’m going great guns! My “cold-like” symptoms have gone, I’ve got my energy back, I feel motivated, driven, excited for life and have so much energy! I need to remember to pace myself now, so I don’t un-do all the good work I’ve just done!

So, what do I do to look after myself?

I do these 5 things….

Well, number 1 is SLEEP and the use of Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade  (CPTG – the best quality in the world!) Essential Oils.

I made sure I was in bed by 8:30pm each night, these past few nights. I’d spray my “Sleep Blend” onto the soles of each foot, while sitting on the edge of the bed, before sliding under the sheets. I chop and change with my essential oil preferences to assist my sleeping. (Lately I’ve been using a combo of Petitgrain and Lavender. For some reason, I’m in love with Petitgrain, lately). I didn’t necessarily go straight off to sleep, but I did rest, laying there doing some slow, deep breathing. I’d try to focus on my breath, counting each breath. As I breathed in, that was 1 count. As I breathed out, that was 2. I would test myself to see how many counts I could get to before a thought would pop into my head. If a thought came, I’d acknowledge it and put it on my imaginary lily-pad and let it float down my imaginary river – away it goes, leaving me to re-focus and concentrate on counting my breaths. I’d tell myself, “all I have to do right now is relax, everything else can wait”. Pretty soon, I’d fall asleep. But because I was feeling run-down, my sore throat would hurt so much that I’d wake through the night. Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose. Uh-oh! So, I’d apply On Guard Essential Oil blend (immune support) onto the outside of my throat and a blend I’d already pre-made in a rollerbottle to support blocked/runny nose – it is a mix of Digestzen, Lemon & Peppermint – I’d roll that over my sinuses. I’d calm back down and go back off to sleep. Doing this over 3 nights, really allowed me to recover and by Thursday morning I actually woke up feeling refreshed and energised. Evidence is below!


Number 2 – Hydration

Many people ask me often, “How much should I drink each day?”

Well, I don’t believe there’s ONE answer to that. How much does YOUR body need? Do you know? How can you tell? We are all different. Different sizes, shapes, densities, and we all do different amounts of exercise/physical work. So, what works for me won’t necessarily be right for the next person. But I try to work on around 1 litre per 30kg of body weight, with a max of 3 litres per day.

The other thing people often say to me is, “Ohhh, I hate drinking lots of water. I have to go to the toilet every 5 minutes!”

So here’s the thing. Your body won’t retain and use the water you drink if your salt intake is low (and by salt, I’m NOT talking about Sodium Chloride or Table Salt, I’m talking about Organic Himalayan Salt or ‘Changing Habits’ Organic Seaweed Salt – these are “good salts!). “Good salts” help our cells take in, absorb and use the water we drink. If our salt levels are low, then yes, the water we drink WILL go straight through us and yes, you WILL be running to the toilet OFTEN. But what’s the point of that? Get good salts into ya and hold your fluids in! 🙂

When I’m feeling run-down and tired, I always check in with my “good salt” intake. “Good salts” are good for us and help our cells to re-balance. The result for us – is more energy!

Here’s what I do….either:

a). An Organic Himalayan Salt Shot

b). In addition to my chosen CPTG essential oils (usually 1 drops of Lemon), I add 1/16th teaspoon “good salt” to my 1 litre of water (always stored in a glass/stainless steel container)

What’s an Organic Himalayan Salt Shot? Well, you know Tequilla Shots? It’s like that!!

I prepare a large glass (300-400ml) of water and add 1 drop CPTG Lemon Essential Oil, instead of the lemon slice to suck on afterwards.

I then make an “okay” hand gesture, bringing my index finger to meet my thumb to make a circle shape.

On the soft part of my webbing between my thumb and index finger, I place 1/16th teaspoon of “good salt”, mostly ‘Changing Habits’ Seaweed Salt.

I then lick the salt off my hand and scull the lemon water straight down! 🙂 Done!

It’s amazing how energised I feel after doing this and my mind feels more clear. It’s such a great pick-me-up.

‘Changing Habits’ Seaweed Salt is…….

Number 3 – Nutrition

I eat lots of veggies (1-4 cups) with every meal, including breakfast. I add a serve of fermented food/drink with each meal AND I drink 1-3 cups of my homemade Bone Broth during the day.

Number 4 – REST

I take time out each day to stop. Our natural body rhythms allow for energy highs and lows throughout the day. Typically we associate an energy low with “3:30-itis”. We usually have to push on to the end of the work day and so artificially stimulate our body to re-energise – coffee, choccy bicki or something with sugar in it! If we could just actually sit for 10 minutes outside in the fresh air, we would find we would naturally pick back up. Taking time to sit in the sun and soak up the rays is an awesome way to re-energise. If there is no sun, I try to go somewhere in nature, to sit and ponder or I’ll take my shoes and socks off and go for a slow walk on the grass or beach. It’s amazing how this can really re-energise the body! Finding a nice rock to sit on or a log can provide an opportunity to stop, rest, breathe deeply, clear the head and allow your body to renew itself, with a higher level of energy than just 10 minutes before.

Number 5 – Exercise/Movement

I actually don’t like the word exercise. It implies hard work, commitment, lots of sweat and then of course needing to take a shower and blow-dry my hair – which annoys me having to do this EVERYDAY! I prefer the word ‘movement’. It implies gentle, easy-does-it type movement. A gentle circular motion of the shoulders at a desk, standing from a prolonged sitting position, walking from the car to the office, some Yoga or Pilates, a lovely walk on the beach or pumping out 10 push ups during an ad break. Whatever, where ever. Just move your body, multiple times a day….then all you need to do is fit in a 20-30 minutes walk at some point 🙂

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