How we afford to eat wholefoods

My husband went to a meeting last night for one of our special interest hobbies and after the event one of our friends came up to him for a chat and she said,


“I love Chelsea’s bliss ball recipe. I make them all the time, just for myself (Her husband can’t eat nuts and the kids attend a nut-free school.

If this is your case, too simply substitute nuts with sunflower seeds).  I can’t stick to having 1 or 2 a day. I end up eating 6 in one sitting”.

Then she asked, “How do you guys afford to eat that way (wholefoods)?”


I laughed when my husband came home and told me this because it made me realise there’s a gap in understanding here and I wanted to share this.

When people see a recipe they want to make, such as the bliss ball recipe, they go out and buy the ingredients for it….and yes! This can be expensive. A packet of chia seeds, cashews, medjool dates, cacao powder. Each ingredient can by around $10 each! It soon adds up!!

They associate THIS experience with “eating this way is too expensive “.

But this is where the miss understanding happens.

And they give up before they’ve really started.


You see, when they do that, they’re buying these ingredients ON TOP OF OR IN addition to their usual shop for the week.


When you choose to eat wholefoods, that is all you eat….well 90% of the time.

No ones perfect!


It’s not about having a pantry full of processed and packaged snacks, like sakata’s, chips, BBQ Shapes, muesli bars AND chia seeds, and cashews, and quinoa and cacao powder and coconut oil etc.

It’s about having just the wholefoods!

This comes with a new approach to eating and learning how to make gentle changes with your eating habits and life style. This, initally can be off-putting for some people, and most avoid it because they feel like it’s a “time thing”. Either they don’t have to time to learn, time to make changes, time to cook. If you can chop, blend, freeze food, it’s not a time thing. It really can be quick and easy. So, I don’t think it’s a “time-thing”, but rather an “attitude thing” (what do we value? Is health something you value? If so, you’re going to make it a priority) and perhaps even a “headspace thing”. We seem to be so busy today, that taking in something else (new information, new habits) can feel too much. I believe it comes back to priorities.

Others feel like eating wholefoods is about deprivation or extreme self discipline. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You can eat what you want, when you want and as much as you need, as long as you are eating for the right reasons – you’re hungry!

Others panic that there won’t be enough to eat. You’ll find the quantity of food you are probably eating now will be less when you’re eating wholefoods – because it’s FEEDING your body.


We have a one ingredient pantry.

No. That doesn’t mean I have one thing in my pantry (that’s what I thought when I first heard this term).

It means if I buy food in a packet, the packet contains just one ingredient.

The ingredient is a wholefood.

It’s whole. In Its most natural form. Nothing added.

No man-made adjustments. No chemicals made in a lab, added to the product. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, extracts, enhancers and thickeners.

Just food in its most natural form.


So let’s get clear. What IS a wholefoods?

Wholefoods are foods that come from in or on the earth and/or sea, and is in its most natural form.

IT’S the way food is supposed to be. The way it was designed FOR us to eat.


So our pantry is stocked with wholefood ingredients – Cashews, Raw Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Peacans, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Quinoa, Raw Honey, Dried Dates, Shredded Coconut, Cacao Powder, Gelatin Powder, Coconut Oil….etc From these ingredients we make all our snacks, treats and desserts that are GOOD for us, they nourish our body. We have beautiful custards, raw choc mousse made from avocado (don’t judge until you’ve tried a homemade version – it’s to die for!), raw slices, orange cakes, muffins, seeded crackers, dips and bliss balls. All gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free!


So, why do we choose to eat this way?


Let’s think about it. We eat multiple times a day.

Most of us shove stuff into our body that we call food, but its not even food.

It’s food like remnants – processed rubbish that offers very little nutrition and therefore isn’t supporting your body or ultimately your health, it’s just filling us up, for a short period of time.


What could happen if we made our meals count. If we nourished our bodies multiple times a day as opposed to just filling it up?

What if our meals were made from food we were designed to eat?

What if each meal we ate, was absolutely balanced with the nutrients our body needs for energy and good health?


We would feel energised, full and satisfied over a longer period of time, without energy peaks and slumps throughout the day.

When you eat wholefoods for general health and wellbeing, you are truly feeding your body, nourishing it with not only every meal but every mouthful. The result of that is a wonderfully balanced system. When our bodies are deeply nourished, and in balance,  there are no cravings, no energy slumps, we experience a decrease in mood swings, we have better sleep, decrease in aches and pains, less headaches, less “snot” (ha!). The list goes on…..

The body is intelligent in design. It’s important to realise that once the body is in balance (de-toxed from caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc), we only tend to get hungry when the body needs more fuel or nutrition. The trick is eating only when we are hungry, as opposed to being bored, stressed, upset, lonely, cold. I know. This is hard.

You see, when we feed our body what it truly needs it will remain in a balanced, well nourished state, so when you eat a wholefood snack, like a bliss ball, you’ll feel satisfied after 1-2 bliss balls, because the meal you ate before this snack was nutritionally dense and balanced, therefore the body is not needing a lot more nutrition just now. It’s happy and content with a small amount. Ok, enough “theory”. Let’s get to what this blog is about.

What about the cost. I feed a family of 4 – basically 4 adults (2 highly active teens! and 2 adults) for around $250-$300 a week. Now, don’t freak out at that….bare with me. NOTE: If you have smaller children, they’re not going eat as much as a growing teenager, so groceries may be cheaper.

You want to know how I do it?

I rarely buy any food from the supermarket.

I buy only wholefoods.

I buy in bulk.

I have a well stocked pantry full of one ingredient products.

I buy fresh, seasonal fruit and veg (cheaper, supporting local farmers), locally sourced, grass-fed meat, hormone-free chicken.

I have my own chooks, to eggs are sorted and apart from a bottle of juice/milk and a few fresh herbs, that’s it! When I go grocery shopping, I literally buy fruit, veg, herbs and meat! This costs around $220-250 a week. I put the other $50-70 away for when I make a bulk order, once every 2 months.

Now, my pantry took some time to transfer over to having ALL wholefoods.

I simply replaced one to two items at a time, working within my budget.

I kept these stocked and substitued other ingredients, changing over from bought, packaged foods to one-ingredient wholefoods. With a well stocked pantry, I only have to top up 1-2 things each week, if that. Once I get my bulk buying down pat and calculate enough to last me the 2 months, these 2 items (for example) won’t be needed to be bought, either.

So each week I just buy fresh and seasonal fruit, veg, herbs & meat.

I make my own fermented drinks and food, milk (mostly), snacks, treats/desserts and of course 3 mighty nutritious meals a day.

So, I can make every meal and snack from these basics.



I plan ahead and I allocate a block of time once a week to prepare food or snacks for the coming week.


Why do I do this? Well, it’s important to me to eat this way to feel healthy and to give my family the best, so they can be their best.

We also make up costs in other ways…..

I don’t have Dr bills, I can’t remember the last time any of us have been to the Dr with a physical complaint. I don’t need to set foot in a pharmacy, haven’t needed to. Between eating well and using essential oils, we got most needs covered. My kids have NEVER been on anti-biotics and they’ve never needed any pharmaceutical medication. I think the last time I bought something like this was when they were teething and I would’ve got a liquid panamax (gluten free). If only I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have needed that, either!

We hardly get sick, therefore we don’t have many or if any sick days. Very handy if working a casual job. We don’t smoke. I’d be lying if I said we don;t drink – but its rare. We don’t buy take-away (expect on special occassions for birthdays, etc), packaged or pre-cooked meals, processed food and we avoid all things that contain white/raw/brown sugar, canola oil and gluten.

I also make a lot of my own cleaning products, which are much cheaper and better for us too.

So we make savings elsewhere, which can either go towards more wholesome foods or savings for a family holiday!

It’s a lifestyle choice with huge gains!

So guys! If this is starting to make sense to you and you’d love to learn more, I’d love to help you. This is what I do!

I support families to live a healthy lifestyle and if that means popping round to help you do a pantry make over, a budget overhaul, a wholefoods shopping tour, meal plans, recipes, lunchbox ideas, and so on, then give me a call!!

Let me show you how 2 bliss balls ARE enough for a snack and how simply doubling the recipe CAN last the week.






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