Feel-good Fiji

When I went into a local village in Fiji, this little man received the pencil case my friend, Mel and I packed.
He was very, very, very shy and didn’t speak much English (unlike many of the older children of the village).
He wanted to meet us to thank us for the pencil case, as all the children in the village were doing at this time (running excitedly around to find the person who matched the photo found in their pencil case), but he wasn’t quite sure about it all.
Of course I was in my element in this moment, totally overwhelmed by meeting this precious little man and loving the fact that he wanted to meet me and Mel, and despite his shyness, came to find us anyway!
We asked if we could have a photo with him. I don’t think he really understood and it seemed he didn’t know what this was!
He was a bit confused but went along with us explaining to him to look at this unfamiliar rectangular-shaped thing we called a phone and smile. I think he was trying to smile, while fighting the shy feelings. The more he tried to smile, the more his little face made funny expressions!
I promise I wasn’t pinching him! 🤣
So cute!

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