Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little better. My name is Chelsea and I am the founder of Three Thousand Lemons. I am married to Wayne and together we have 2 incredible teenage children! I have worked as a teacher over the past 16 years and have a background in Health, Physical Education, Sport Science, Psychology, Maths and Science! I am absolutely passionate about health education!

I know what it’s like to NOT “have your health” and this journey has sparked a deep desire to help and educate others, sharing all I’ve learned in preventative and proactive healthcare. Three Thousand Lemons has been a long term dream, marrying my PASSION for holistic healthcare and my PROFESSION of teaching. It feels so right, that the time to pursue this dream, is now! I’m so excited that you’re joining with me on this amazing journey!

I’m a big believer that “food is your medicine”. I love eating well – wholefoods, wholefoods, wholefoods (or can I call it “real food” – the stuff your grandparents would recognise!) and nothing annoys me more than when you go out for tea and receive poor quality food! When we create habits to include nutrient-dense food into our daily life, you feel so AMAZING and it gives our bodies a chance to become in tune to what it really needs. It’s unreal that just after one meal of eating ‘crap’, how you can feel sluggish, moody and almost depressed!

Learning how to eat well hasn’t always come easy and it’s been a journey. My son and I are gluten-intolerant. I was diagnosed in my mid 20’s, my son was only 3 years old at the time. It was such a roller-coaster ride at first, learning all about gluten, what it is, what foods to avoid and how to make gluten-free alternative food for my son so he looked relatively ‘normal’ when I’d sent him off to birthday parties or so he could participate in the classroom birthday celebration when mums would bring in cupcakes to celebrate their child’s happy day!

So, I have learned to make food from scratch (the range that is available now simply wasn’t available at the time of our diagnosis!), making and baking lots of goodies to fill his lunchbox, among many other things! There were many fails, and occasionally I’d hit a winner, but the journey taught me so much about nutrition and what is ACTUALLY in our food – and the possible effects this has on our overall health!

This interest and passion in nutrition has grown over the years and yes, we’ve jumped on the paleo, sugar-free, “raw” band-wagon – sticking to a 80-20% guide – if 80% of the time we eat sugar free, paleo and raw foods, then we’re doing alright (we HAVE to eat gluten free 100% of the time otherwise it’s not pretty the next day! Hehe)!

Recently I’ve discovered the power, purity and effectiveness of doTERRA Essential Oils. I loved SO much about the company and what they do for those less fortunate around the world, but the results I was experiencing when using the oils topically and aromatically blew me away.

Then when I learned that the purity and quality of these oils are second to none, due to the CPTG label, and I could take them internally (which traditionally this is not recommended), it was not only so fitting to include them in my cooking, but this gave me a sense of pride – empowering me to provide a healthier, better quality of food for my family. I am able to further enhance the health aspect of my food AND take the taste of my gluten-free food to a whole new level! Yay!! I’m so thankful! Anything to make gluten-free food taste good, or should I say, better!

I am continually learning more and more about these little “gifts of the earth”, my little foodie gems… essential oils are now a big part of my family’s daily lifestyle, supporting and enhancing our health and well-being every day. It’s amazing at how many little health issues pop up when you have kids! It’s so awesome that I can do something natural and healthy and use a pure product to support them! I love watching them learn about the oils too and I get great pleasure watching them as they stand at my oil collection and choose the oil they need to support the latest pain/cramp/bump/cut/bruise/bite/pimple!

So, my lovelies – I invite you to join me as I share all I have learned and am yet to learn. Allow me to share my passion of ‘health’ with you! Being healthy is a journey and is certainly one we all need support with. It is my hope to educate but mostly inspire and empower you to take simple measures to support your family’s health and well-being. Life is certainly amazing and well worth LIVING. I believe including essential oils into your healthy lifestyle will give you an abundance of energy, focus, happiness, health, wealth and love for life!

So come and join me! I look forward to meeting you and getting in touch one day!


  • Teacher (BHMS with Hons)
  • Studying Functional Nutrition